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Rates & Visit Times

Visit Rates

15 minutes: $20

30 minutes: $30

45 minutes: $40

60 minutes: $50

Late Night Potty Break - 15 minutes: $30

Late Night Potty Break - 30 minutes: $40

2 hour Tuck In: $90

Early Arrival overnight: $175

Overnight Pet sitting: $150

All Day &  Night Pet Sitting: $250

Adventure Day Out (2 hours): $90

Pet Taxi & Pet Supply Run: $35

Visit Times

Morning: 7am - 9am

Mid Morning: 9am - 11am

Mid Day: 11 am - 3pm

Dinner: 4pm - 7pm

Late Night Potty Break: 8pm - 10pm

2 hour Tuck in visit: 9pm - 10pm

Early Arrival Overnight: 7pm - 7am

Overnight Pet Sitting: 9pm - 7am

All Day & Night Pet Sitting: 16 hours

Adventure Day Out (2 hours): 7am - 5pm

Pet Taxi: 7am - 6pm

Holiday Pricing: 

An additional $5 per visit or $50 per day (for overnight pet sitting) will be added for all holidays. Holidays include: Easter, Mother’s Day, Spring Break (second Friday of March through the third Sunday of March), Memorial Day and the two days before (Saturday & Sunday), Independence Day as well as the day before & after, Labor Day and the two days before (Saturday & Sunday), Thanksgiving (Friday before Thanksgiving through the Sunday after Thanksgiving) Winter Break (the Friday before Christmas through the Tuesday after New Years Day includes (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day)

Additional rates will apply if you are out of our service area. 

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