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Dog Walking

A tired Dog is a HAPPY Dog!

Spending your lunch break running home to let your dog out?

Does your dog(s) have more energy than you have time to tire them out?

Rather have your dog just play fetch in the fenced in backyard?

Regular walks & exercise are important for a dog’s physical, mental and emotional well being.

With today’s busy schedules, it can be hard to find the time to give your dog the exercise he/she needs. 

That’s where Dana Do! Pet Concierge comes in!  

All Dog Walking visits include: water refreshed, a treat & updates with photos provided through our app.

Our dog walking services are a great choice for dogs and puppies who:

  • Are alone all day

  • Have excess energy to burn

  • Require extra potty breaks  

  • Need to lose a few extra pounds

  • Have behavioral issues related to boredom (barking, chewing, etc.)

All of our dog walks are private. We do not offer pack walks, so your dog will receive one-on-one attention from your personal dog walker. We do not allow your dogs to interact with other dogs during our walks.

We provide walks during specific time windows. We cannot guarantee a specific arrival time, but we do guarantee that we will show up within 30 minutes of your requested time. 

You will be assigned a primary dog walker based on the needs of your dog. We assign dog walkers that will best fit the personality of your dog. While we try to keep the same dog walker on all visits, we may utilize additional staff members to provide coverage.

15 minute Walk: $20

Perfect for a quick potty break for the older pups who 

don't like to walk or for the new puppy

30 minute Walk: $30

Perfect for most dogs, especially low energy and older pups. 

30 minute walk

Buy 20 walks

$25 each

Buy 10 walks

$27 each

45 minute visit

Buy 20 visits

$35 each

Buy 10 visits

$37 each 

60 minute visit

Buy 20 visits

$45 each 

Buy 10 visits

$47 each

Dog Walking & Visit Packages

Monthly packages require payment at the time of the purchase. 

Once you pay for the package, you can schedule the visits as you need them and the visits never expire! 

Prepaid visits can be used at anytime, they do not need to be booked all at once. They can be scheduled any day including the weekends but late night visits are excluded. 

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