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Cat Sitting 

​Cats can sometimes come off as being independent and self sufficient, but they look to their humans not only for food, but love, comfort and companionship as well.

So when you are away- whether it's for a week or a day -

it can create stress and boredom for your feline friend.

With our expert cat sitting services, we’ll make sure your kitty has everything it needs to be healthy and happy while you’re gone. Our services are tailored to accommodate your cat’s personality, quirks, and needs. So whether your kitty craves extra playtime, lives for lots of affection or just wants to be left alone, you can rest assured that we’ll pamper your pet just like you would. For cat sitting visits, we require a minimum of 1 daily visit. Aside from feeding your cats and scooping the litter box daily,

if your cats are friendly, we will spend the majority of the time playing & loving on your cats.

If they like to play with toys, then your cats will also have plenty of play time.

All cat visits also include bringing in the mail & packages, bringing in/taking out your garbage & recycle cans  and rotate lights & curtains to give your home that "lived in" look. 

Cat  Visit Packages

30 minute visit

Buy 20 visits

$25 each

Buy 10 visits

$27 each

45 minute visit

Buy 20 visits

$35 each

Buy 10 visits

$37 each 

60 minute visit

Buy 20 visits

$45 each 

Buy 10 visits

$47 each

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