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Additional Pet Services

Don't have time in the day to take care of the Pet Chores?

Let Dana Do! do it for you!

Litter Box Cleaning & Sanitizing

We’ll empty and dispose of the dirty kitty litter, scrub and sanitize the litter box, and refill it per your instructions.

Pooper Scooper Service

Falling behind on your "doody"? Get back to being footloose and fancy-free again in your backyard! Poop smells bad and dog waste poses a variety of serious health and environmental risks. Dana Do! offers a Pooper Scooper service on a  weekly, bi-weekly or on an as needed basis depending on how many dogs you have. We’ll spend time cleaning up your dog’s waste from your yard and removing it from your property so you can have a healthy backyard!

Toy Washing & Sanitizing

Because dog’s generally use their mouths to play with their toys, it’s important that their toys be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Not only to wash away dirt and grime, but to kill bacteria and other germs that tend to thrive on those slobber-laden, dragged-through-the-dirt, tugged-on, chewed-on, and loved-to-the-extreme toys.

Hard chew toys are soaked in a solution and then scrubbed to remove any stubborn debris.

Litter Box Cleaning & Sanitizing                                                   $15 per litter box

Pooper Scooper Service                                                               $20 per 15 min.

Toy Washing & Sanitizing                                                              $25 per hour

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